Who We Are

We are a group of Australian Photographers who are committed to their Photography and are looking to take their images to a new level  whilst not being bound all the time by working to please Judges . In doing this we would hope to be able to make contact with groups in other countries  which could then be invited to display a sample of their work in our online gallery .

What We Do

We like to challenge ourselves to present work of our choice in online folios of the Australian Photographic Society for those of us that are members or on our own Gallery on the Terra Australis Website . These galleries are treated in the same way as a gallery in a building where the presentation is replaced after a period not exceeding 3 months .
We also have a guest gallery where some else such as a overseas group can be invited to display their images .
The FIAP Gold Cup for clubs all over the world is entered annually by Terra Australis with best results being 10th in 2008 and 7th in 2009 .

FIAP Gold Cup For Clubs 2012 Terra Australis was placed 14th from 147 clubs world wide which is a excellent result.