I commenced my photography learning journey in 1951 when my parents gave me a Baby Brownie. Soon after, they purchased a home developing kit and together we learned to make contact prints using sun as the light source. I have been a member of camera clubs since 1971 and was President of the Canberra Photographic Society for eight consecutive years in the 1990s.

I joined the Australian Photographic Society (APS) in 1976 and have been actively involved ever since, including serving two terms as APS President. I commenced exhibiting colour slides in competitive National Exhibitions in 1977 and Internationals in 1991. More recently I have used digital images. My acceptances eventually resulted in my being awarded an AFIAP in 2008 and a FAPS in 2010. I have had illustrated articles and portfolios published in various books, magazines and newspapers.

I have lectured on photography to community and photographic groups, judged some competitions, and participated in numerous public group exhibitions. Over the years, I have photographed many and varied subject matters and used various equipment and techniques. Sixty two years after it began, my photography learning journey continues as I still strive to do better and try new things. The images displayed here are a selection of my work taken or created in recent years.


Australia Day.jpgBraidwood Panorama.jpgEating Fairy Floss.jpgGolden Shower.jpgHigh Country Flora Pinks.jpgLes Barricades.jpgMary Place.jpgNight Harbour 1.jpgOverwhelming.jpgRed Brigade 120.jpgSeven self portraits with chairs.jpgSydney Welcomes 2013.jpgTamarama Sculptures.jpgTesselated Beach Pelican.jpgThe Conversation.jpgThe end of the dance.jpgUluru Tourists.jpgUluru Tree Silhouette.jpgUsing The ATM.jpgWindswept.jpgGlimpse - BoyNYE Fireworks Collage Ghanerao Manvar Tableau Milford Canopy Musical Tie MistPathway to the Soul.Abstract BoatStrange Weather Butterflies in my GardenTamarama Contemplating the RampStop Easel interruptus Music manGlimpse - Stall HolderRainy LoveLost Boy Windsor CastleFloatingLeaving Cable BeachPaverty Performing.Sydney NY Fireworks Silk Velvet Face.The DescentThumbs UpUniversal Studios Play Waiting BrideWide Brown LandWindsor Guard