Graeme lives in Canberra and has been a member of the Australian Photographic Society since 1963. He is currently on the Management Committee of APS and is also chairman of the APS Nature Division.

Graeme is a member of the Exhibition Services Sub Committee and is on the Digital   Division Committee.

Apart from nature subjects, Graeme is interested in photographing sport, travel and street scenes.

Graeme was fortunate to be awarded his EFIAP from The International Federation of Photographic Art in 2012, a Fellowship (FAPS) from the Australian Photographic Society in 2011 and a PPSA from the Photographic Society of America in 2012. He has also been honoured with the award of ESAPS from the Australian Photographic Society in 2012.

As the Nature Division correspondent for IMAGE magazine, Graeme has written divisional articles for over eight years.

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