John Hodgson  - portraitJohn has been active in amateur photography in Australia for some 35 years. Over that time, he has exhibited with considerable success at both national and international level, winning numerous awards for monochrome prints and, more recently, colour prints and audio-visual sequences. In 1985 he co-founded “Printworks”, an international print exhibitors group which has established itself as one of Australia’s most successful such groups.


Since 1980, John has judged regularly at club, state, national and international level, including Adelaide, Sydney, VIGEX  and Maitland Internationals and the Adelaide International AV Festival. In 2007, he accepted an invitation to be one of the judges for the 12th China International, conducted in Lishui, China, and has recently been invited to judge the Royal Photographic Society’s International Audio Visual Festival at Cirencester in 2014.


For more than 20 years, John has been involved in photographic administration, serving several terms on the Management Committee of the South Australian Photographic Federation, serving as Judging Coordinator for the Federation from 1999 to 2011, and serving two-year terms as Junior Vice-President, Senior Vice-President,  President and Immediate Past-President of the Australian Photographic Society. He served as Chair of the organising committee for the 2004  and 2009 APS National Conventions (APSCON) and the organising committee for the 2011 and 2013 Adelaide International AV Festivals. He recently retired from the position of  Executive Director, Honours for the APS.


John holds Fellowships of the Australian Photographic Society in both Still Images and Audio Visual,

the international skill and service distinctions EFIAP/b  and ESFIAP, and an Honorary Fellowship of APS.  He has given presentations at photographic conventions both in Australia and overseas, and has a particular interest in landscape and nature photography, and audio-visual production.


His work has appeared in a number of books and magazines and is in public and private collection  sin several countries


c1-Kingston Flyer.jpgc29-Kalahari Tribeswoman.jpgc36-Red Knickers.jpgc49-Lake Bonney Dawn.jpgc53-The Last Wave.jpgc61-Spirit of Anzac.jpgc63-Elephant Weevil.jpgc70-Storm Surge.jpgc75-African Fish Eagle.jpgc77-Last Light.jpgc86-Lake Wanaka.jpgc92-Entertainment Centre.jpgc97-Dove Lake.jpgUp The Stair.jpgYellow Billed Egret.jpgYoung Elephants at Play.jpgZebras at Waterhole.jpg