John Stein EFIAP /b, GMAPS

John P Stein EFIAP/b,GMAPS

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It seems like I have been taking photographs forever but I have only been serious about my photography since 2004.


In the early days I wa

s happy with any image that had a head and two feet in the same frame and I would always use the ‘P” function on my camera.


I then progressed to taking slides and using Aperature Priority and had some success in local competitions.


When digital cameras came along my passion for photography exploded. I have never worked in a dark room so the ability to manipulate my images in post-processing in a virtual darkroom really clicked and the rest, as they say, is history.


I joined the Aspley Camera Club with its supportive members and became an A Grade member three years later.


I was challenged to enter into Australian National Photographic Competitions and was surprised at how well my images were received. This pleasant experience prompted me to join the Australian Photographic Society 2005 in the pursuit of photographic honours.


I have now gained my Masters (MAPS) through the Australian Photographic Society and Excellence (Bronze) (EFIAP/b) through the Federation Internationale de L’Art and am a regular entrant in International competitions.




c32-Two Masks.jpgc34-Mykinos Windmills.jpgc41-Geranium.jpgc41-Six Bells.jpgc42-Paros Columns.jpgc52-Shopfront.jpgc54-Puppet.jpgc69-Domes and Alley.jpgc75-Fountain.jpgc81-Blue Door.jpgc82-Door and Shadows.jpgc87-Blue Dome.jpgc88-Hotel Galini.jpgc9-Stranded.jpgc97-Mykinos Church.jpgc98-Tables and Chairs.jpgc99-Clock and Dome.jpgSlow Food.jpgThe Balcony.jpgc14-Honeymoon Petra.jpg