Short Biography


 Leanne Alessi

Leanne was born  and bred in Sydney and has been passionate about photography for almost 30 years when she inherited her late uncle’s Nikon FT-3.  She has been a member of St George Photographic Society sine July 2007; a former member of Campbelltown Camera Club, now known as Macarthur Photographic Society, in the early/mid 1990’s; a moderator for a photographic website, Passion for Pixels; a member of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) and a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).  Proudly, she has attained the status of a multi-award winning national and international photographer and is accredited by various organisations and community groups where she volunteers her time and resultant images.  As acknowledgement and recognition of her photographic ability, Leanne gained her AFIAP and AAPS in 2012 and three stars in Photographic Society of America’s EID and CPID divisions after just twelve months entering in national and international photographic exhibitions.  She gained her EFIAP, PPSA, FAPS and EMFCC in 2013.

She is proudly married to well – credentialed and accomplished fellow photographer, presenter and judge, John Alessi – some of you may know.  As a point of interest, she is also directly related to the renowned Australian modernist photographer, the late Max Dupain.

Her chosen genre is diverse, from literal pictorial and documentary studies to a creative, evocative and contemporary style.  She loves to travel to Australia’s remote outback as often as possible to behold and capture the exquisite landscapes our wonderful country has to offer.  To that end, her and her husband are members of two 4WD clubs.  To showcase her photographic talents, Leanne produces audio visuals using ProShow Gold providing an awe-inspiring experience for the audience.

Through tuition, she also shares her knowledge with enthusiastic beginners and amateurs, including technical expertise, compositional elements, post-production techniques and audio visual production.

Given her renowned success in competing in photographic exhibitions, her services have been sought to judge local, national and international photographic competitions/salons.  She accepts the challenge so that she may “give back” to a passion which has rewarded her handsomely.

Competing at international level provides self pride and achievement and has definitely developed and improved her photography – trying to capture extraordinary images which evoke a response or emotion from the audience is the challenge.

Leanne wishes to continue capturing those “decisive moments” which abound; and compete at national and international level, as it is most rewarding.  As a new, creative venture, she would like to pursue writing of articles suitable for publication on websites, in magazines, etc.

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