Peter Manchester AFIAP, AAPS, Hon FAPS

Portrait NO 2   Peter Manchester
Peter Manchester is Launceston born, educated at the University of Tasmania in geology, geochemistry and education. Apart from a short period in the mining industry and after National Service, he has served 40 years teaching and lecturing in geology, chemistry, still and video photography, multimedia and geotourism to people of all levels of experience. He is a practising International exhibitor in digital imagery and has conducted seminars, field trips and weekend getaways on geology and photography in Tasmania and mainland Australia.
In 2010 Peter published a book on Tasmanian Geology “Created from Chaos” – 100 geological sites in Tasmania.

Peter has been awarded his Associative of APS, Artiste of FIAP and in 2009 was awarded Honorary FAPS at Victor Harbour. In Tasmania was awarded a Fellowship of the Tasmanian Photographic Federation and the George Billing Medal for excellence in photographic education.

Peter has been a APS member since 1980 and attended 25 APSCONs. He has been chairperson of the Digital, Print and Audio- Visual Divisions of the Society.. He was an inaugural member of the Contemporary Division. In 2002 to 2004 he was President of the Society. Over the 33 years of being involved in the Society he has been associated with most administrative roles … except Nature and the Youth Divisions. In 2008, Peter was Chair of the APSCON conference in Launceston.

Photographically, Peter is an image “maker” using the tools of digital cameras, the computer, photographic software and scanners in order to make story telling images in a creative way at looking at the world .


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