Robert Dettman


Landscape and contemporary architecture are my inspiration. I enjoy creating portraits of notable architectural works in a style similar to that seen in the professional journals. In addition, contemporary architecture is an endless source for “Abstract Architectural Art”, a particular obsession of mine that dwells upon form, pattern, line and colour.


My enduring interest is landscape photography. Getting into wild places and searching for a special location and lighting effect is always a joyful challenge but holds the seeds of frustration if mother nature doesn’t perform.


While I generally keep the architectural images siSince the gallery images will change from time to time I have selected this set as being representative of my “Abstract Architectural Art”. I hope you enjoy them.mple and my landscapes in the classic style I enjoy re-interpreting them to create a hyper-reality.



c1-DSC05001-1206.jpgc1-DSC06333-1186.jpgc13-DSC08896-608.jpgc2-DSC06410-1195.jpgc23-DSC05151-1189.jpgc28-Dettman Robert Child Warriors.jpgc28-DSC06149-Enfuse-1246.jpgc29-DSC04755-1114.jpgc30-DSC05318-1202.jpgc35-Nick.jpgc42-DSC04125-1133.jpgc5-DSC06154.jpgc51-Dettman Robert Dreaming.jpgc52-DSC05825-1253.jpgc62-DSC08845_6_7_8_9-775.jpgc64-DSC02745-1023.jpgc65-DSC04329_31.jpgc8-DSC01533-789-850.jpgc98-DSC09846-628.jpg